“You come at the king, you best not miss.”

Fans of The Wire will NOT entertain your comparisons to Power


You know the world is fuct’ up when when an CBS NFL analyst makes one of the more astute observations in television history.

Per CBS NFL analyst Dan Schneier’s twitter:
Welp #TheWire is trending because somehow people are comparing #Power to it?
This is the single worst take today. The Wire is the single greatest TV show, hands down. It might be the greatest piece of art in American history. There is not a single wasted scene or conversation.

Both shows explore the criminal underworld of drug dealing, but that’s about the extent of their similarities, according to die-hard fans of HBO’s The Wire – particularly Omar.


Wouldn’t Omar make a great President?
Trump is already acting like a king…but Omar has REASON.

“A man gotta have a code.” -Omar
For Omar, this code involves only harming and robbing from drug dealers and leaving innocent people out of it. This is seen often, as Omar is frequently kind and law abiding to regular citizens, and even taking his Gran to church on Sundays.


And hail the king!