One of the most famous Barbie and Ken commercials didn’t include Barbie and Ken!

I’m dating myself. This is an oldie but goodie story…

Google “Nissan, Barbie and GI Joe” – and the whole page of results are YouTube videos and story lines about the commercial.

It was a rollicking, stop-motion animated spot that featured action figure dolls coming to life and taking a remote control 300ZX for a spin—all while Van Halen’s raucous “You Really Got Me” played as the sound track.

The Nissan “Toys” spot was created way back in 1996. The spot was recognized as “Commercial of the Year” by such diverse publications as Time, USA Today, Rolling Stone, and Car & Driver magazine.

Funny thing is – There was NO Barbie, Ken, or GI Joe in this spot. The back story is hilarious. Here’s a great LinkedIn post by Rob Siltanen.

In the meantime, enjoy the show!