My Top 19: Insane Tales From Keith Richards’ Legendary Life

Keith Richards may have mellowed with age, but as anyone who has read his memoir can attest, the iconic Rolling Stones guitarist has raised enough hell to fill several lifetimes. We look back on the wildest and weirdest moments in Richards’ 50-plus-year tear through the limelight.


No doubt a bit of “rehashed reporting” by softball throwing Rolling Stone – but this article still brings a smile to my face.

Life is Art… and Keith lived a masterpiece.

  1. KeithOh, Canada (1977)
  2. No Sleep, No Problem (1992)
  3. Oh, Canada (1977)
  4. Some Acid, Some Cops and a Mystery Mars Bar (1967)
  5. Plus 15 more…


And these 19 escapades – like Keith himself –  will far outlive this year’s lame-ass top 50 music lists.

From Rolling Stone:
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