Hey Boo Boo! Give me some tasty waves and a cool buzz – and I’m fine.

Looks like Yogi Bear got caught doing his best Spicolli imitation.

(This post is a little late – but too good to pass up.)

Yogi was captured on video attempting to break into — and then stealing — a dumpster from “Bud Depot”, @buddepotrec, a cannabis shop in Lyons Colorado.

When Yogi couldn’t get into the dumpster, he decided to run off with it instead. Yogi can be seen rolling the heist outside the fence and several yards through the parking lot.

Nikko Garza, manager at The Bud Depot, “He’s all into the Rocky Mountain high and I don’t blame him. He knows the good stuff when he sees it, or smells it,” Garza said.

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Maybe Yogi should have just ordered take out.