Poor journalism drives Soledad O’Brien crazy.

“What drives me more nutty than the president—who I think is obviously a terrible human being in a lot of ways—is the way in which the media does not know how to handle him”

Soledad O’Brien


How Soledad O’Brien Became CNN and the Mainstream Media’s Most Outspoken Critic

Commentary “Inspired by” article on the Daily Beast

We’ve been lucky enough to have Soledad grace us in Madison at several events including the GMCC Icebreaker event a few years back…

Her company “Starfish Media Group”, twitter feed and regular appearance on HBO “Real Sports” are also constant reminders of her talent, wit and no bullshit persona.

The Daily Beast feature article – appropriately sub-titled “Not Here to Make Friends” is a wake up call for the lame-ass media to do it’s job. It’s not a bullshit political statement…there is already way to much of that from both sides.

Being a communications firm, we get excited when the message gets real. And even more excited when the message provides measurable results.

Best Result?
Think positive.

Check out Soledad’s recent documentary project: