I (and Conan O’Brien) need a friend!

Conan Needs a FriendHey entrepreneur friends! What’s you favorite virtual office background music?

I have been listening to my music favs for a few decades…Rolling Stones, U2, Alice In Chains, Elton John, Black Keys, White Stripes, SlipKnot (Iowa Boys!), Lucinda Williams, Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray…(I’m a mixed bag)

Recently –
Music has been challenged – by Podcasts…

Yea, I know – EVERYONE has a Podcast. And I was never a huge Podcast fan until I started listening to “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend“…

Absolutely HILARIOUS. I find it hard to keep focused when he, his guests and chums Sona and Matt laugh uncontrollably about the dumbest stuff!

Check out Dana Carvey as an example…you will spit up your coffee – or beer! (It’s happy hour somewhere)

Just wanted to share a refresh to your background noise.