Makin' Hey! Clients



What They're Saying

We have been using Makin' Hey for all of our marketing communications needs, starting from our corporate logo, corporate look, website development, product literature and even product labeling. They have provided us with these key items in a very professional manner, on time and on budget. Makin' Hey has shown themselves to be an outstanding business partner, acting much like an internal resource versus an 'outside vendor'.

Mike Pawlak, Zurex PharmAgra


I have worked regularly with Makin' Hey since the company began operations in 2002 and have drawn on their skills from marketing, to website creation and management and to creative graphics support. Whether it be on- time performance, quality of work or readiness to pitch in and meet last minute crises Makin' Hey never disappoints!

Allen J. Dines, UW Madison Office of Corporate Relations