Modest in size, but mammoth in creative talent, there’s not much Makin’ Hey! Communications can’t handle. From strategic planning and brand identity to web design and development. From print and packaging design to social media strategy and management, we’ll make your project or organization a splash of color in a sea of black and white and the spicy among the bland.

Our crew believes that the status quo is boring, that it’s ok to color outside the lines, and that great ideas always start with a full glass.

So, if you’re looking to make some noise amid the quiet, let Makin’ Hey! Communications be your megaphone.



The Team

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Allen Allen Veak - Hey! Maker
I'm a self-taught, opinionated, workaholic, serial entrepreneur with a weakness for good pale ale, and an instinct for what works.
Kevin Kiley Kevin Kiley - Communications Director
I specialize in helping clients craft their message, in print and web, to appeal to targeted audiences and achieve desired results.
Diane Diane Thibeault - General Manager
You could describe me as an internal optimist with a quiet nature, a strong will, and an affinity for the details. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.
Clint Clint Prescott - Graphic Designer
I design websites, visual identity and advertising from the ground up: planning, ink on paper, graphic design and the devilish details in between.
Kelly Kelly Vento - Graphic Designer
Making the world a more glamorous, stunning, captivating, enticing, inviting, and seductive place one website and brochure at a time.